Mr Chen

CEO of Dongguan Sicheng Network

I am an entrepreneur with a great deal of corporate customer for i engaged in market at the beginning; but our technology was so in a mess that we had employed 3 developers and 3 designers with low work efficiency that only made a couple websites in a month; now joining Cloud Market, we can finish a few of websites a day with an art designer and a editor.

Mr Cai

CEO of Guangzhou Minglian Finance

We always introduced other network company when our customers required to build websites; now we do it as avocation which can easily finish our business, sometimes it brings better profit than our major works.

Mr Luo

Foreign trade corporation

We basically use it for private, as before, we always ask others to create website which is very troublesome. Now we can easily create more than 100 websites for building website group, which brings good effect of ranking!

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