AllWEYES AI through automatic site building and social network marketing

14 years of Internet marketing experience

If you are looking for an effective and targeted marketing solution, please dig through the following parts:

We have dedicated to Internet marketing for foreign trade companies in the past 14 years, helping tens of thousands of enterprises in successful transformation and consistent profiting.

We can assist you finding your targeted customers and efficiently attract targeted traffic to your website, significantly improving your marketing results.

We can also instruct you to build your website for brand marketing.

Foreign trade marketing is never a hot potato for you if you make the right choice.

So ALLWEYES AI is your wise option.


14 years of site building experience + “N+1” foreign trade Internet marketing + 30,000 enterprise customers.

We are their trusted partner.

AI Marketing Website

AI + content + marketing, automatic issuance of original product and article, interaction through global social network.

To create a world leading SE marketing robot.

Module exhibition

Professional module layout and design for each column with various formats,

such as image, gallery, sliding block, video and inquiry, etc.


Our offer of Allweyes AI boasts AI control with extraordinary efficiency.

It focuses on foreign trade marketing and boasts a large amount of resources of foreign trade and global buyers’ behavioral data, providing professional integrated Internet marketing solution service for over 10000 companies covering such aspects as site-building, SEO, Google advertising and social networking.

14 years

14 years of Internet marketing experience

Well-developed Internet marketing system coupled with strong technical support provides enterprise customers with one-stop integrated marketing solution.

50 +

Over 50 national hi-tech patent certifications

Unanimous acknowledgement and trust from many companies and recognition from various industries as well as numerous honors

60 +

Over 60 top-end technical engineers

Over 60 excellent technicians and developers, a service team encompassing over 200 marketing, operating and after-sale professionals.

17000 +

Over 17000 famous enterprise customers

Famous Chinese enterprises including VATTI, OPPEIN, DONGPENG, YATU, ZHUJIANG CABLE, FADIOR etc.

1 Mio

Intelligent SEO key word bank with over 100 million words in stock

Key word bank with over 100 million words in stock can recommend words automatically, saving time for enterprise SEO and ads operators in choosing key words.

78 +

78 languages, supporting manual translation interface

It can assist you serving global customers in 78 languages. Companies can choose the language according to your targeted market need.

800 +

Over 800 press media, more than 20 B2B platform

Domestic: over 800 mainstream media in China, news platforms and over 20 B2B platforms simultaneously issue the information.


Supports push by globally 80% mainstream media

Overseas: news combining texts and graphics released to such regions of America, Canada, Europe, Hongkong, Taiwan and other regions in Asia.

AllWEYES AI System

AI + content + marketing, to create a world leading SE marketing robot


14 years of site building experience + “N+1” foreign trade Internet marketing + 30,000 enterprise customers

We are their trusted partner.

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Simplifies your website marketing operation.