Mr Chen

CEO of Dongguan Sicheng Network

I am an entrepreneur with a great deal of corporate customer for i engaged in market at the beginning; but our technology was so in a mess that we had employed 3 developers and 3 designers with low work efficiency that only made a couple websites in a month; now joining Cloud Market, we can finish a few of websites a day with an art designer and a editor.

Mr Cai

CEO of Guangzhou Minglian Finance

We always introduced other network company when our customers required to build websites; now we do it as avocation which can easily finish our business, sometimes it brings better profit than our major works.

Mr Luo

Foreign trade corporation

We basically use it for private, as before, we always ask others to create website which is very troublesome. Now we can easily create more than 100 websites for building website group, which brings good effect of ranking!

50 +

National high and new technology patents

12 years

Foreign trade marketing experience

60 +

Technical engineers’ dedicated efforts

17000 +

Partner with 17000+  customers

Our partner customers

12 years’ site-building experience + 17000 enterprise customers’ trust

Main features



Cloud Security Assurance and Global CDN Acceleration

Cloud technology: stability reaches 99.95% with data reliability no less than 99.99% and  automatic data back-up for convenient recovery; high flexibility for expansion at any time.


Anti-attack security system: armed with such functions as DDoS protection, Trojan killer and anti-brute force attack for the convenience of control on multiple users visiting multiple servers.


CDN network acceleration: distribute flow to over 300 nodes in the globe, allowing your customers to visit the closest resource rapidly.


Data transmission SSL encryption: build an encrypted path between user and the back office, to ensure that the data being transmitted won't be stolen or tampered.


Utmost browsing experience


High quality design: high quality web page designed by masters with top-notched visual effect which is aligned with average user's operating and aesthetic habits, making an outstanding website.


Responsive self-adaption: responsive design adaptable to various screen sizes such as PC, cellphone and tablet while maintaining perfect presentation.


Exquisite template: manifold exquisite template options meeting various demand of start-up, enterprise, studio, organization and individual.


Exclusive website assembly mode


Visualized editor: visualized operation manipulable for users without coding and technical expertise.


Modularized operation: modularized operation allowing for free addition of single page or general column and making site-building simple and efficient.


One-button switch of theme: change your website theme by simply pressing a button, simple as changing your clothes.


Customized form and ActiveX: you can customize forms and ActiveX function according to your specific needs, such as on-line customer service, registration, message, search, online map and social media sharing, etc.


Strong content management capacity


Content management system: boasts powerful article management system, file management system, message and enquiry management system and membership system.


Bulk import and export: support bulk import and export of news article, product information, etc.


Timing for release plan: import all the articles and products to be released all at once and update according to release plan.


Built-in flow data storage


Statistic analysis of data: real time control of information on page visit, visit trend, page referrer, visitor distribution and visit duration, etc.


Data analysis report: visitor report, page report, referrer report, and other comprehensive analysis reports allow you to monitor the effect of each marketing method for the purpose of efficient management.


Powerful SEO function


Intelligent SEO: built-in SEO optimization rules that is easy to understand to achieve automatic SEO optimization。


Online key word base: set kernel keywords for the system to automatically match relative keywords.


Online content base: with AI algorithm, patches of readable original articles can be formulated for timing release, which contributes to continuous SEO, so that website ranking can be easily lifted.

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