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Focus on the network, focusing on foreign trade network marketing for 19 years, is a high-end, professional and pragmatic, AI artificial intelligence network marketing agency that integrates technology research and development and network marketing services into one of the most marketing effects. Founded in 2005, the company is headquartered in thef CBD of Guangzhou, with branches in Shenzhen, Foshan, and Shanghai.

The Weyes Network successfully developed the AI artificial intelligence network marketing ecosystem, including: “ALLWEYES”, “Juketong”, “Juwaitong”, “Yunjes”, “Jujiao Cloud” and others products, realizing “foreign trade + labor The breakthrough and perfect integration of intelligent network marketing! With the features of fast online, good effect, powerful function and high-cost performance, the company's products have become the first choice of more and more enterprises. It has provided one-stop Internet integrated marketing solutions for more than 3,000+ enterprises. NBC, FADIOR, VATTI, CHINA BEST, Yuantian Machinery, DAPHNE, Yatu Paint, Leimove, etc.

  • Our Strength
    Our Strength
    Weyes has strong core technology as well as integral property rights supported by currently over 60 software Copyrights. In this era of AI and big data, we are focused on AI Internet marketing based on our 14 years’ calculation of data on product information, keywords, sentences, graphics, and videos that are much needed in Internet marketing for industries and have set a solid foundation on our current cause of AI Internet marketing. In this era when content is highlighted for marketing, Weyes attaches great importance to the creation of quality Internet content. Thus we have set our team of planners, editors, and executors, and by closely cooperating with our technical team, we provide customers with timely and effective one-step marketing solutions.
  • Our Product
    Our Product
    To improve our R&D capacity, Weyes has introduced outstanding developers from reputable IT enterprises such as Google, Microsoft, and Huawei, and has developed digitalized marketing management systems including Allweyes, Juyunliang, Judinghuo. As the core product of our company, Allweyes is globally the 1st AI Internet marketing system, covering modules of AI site-building, AI marketing, live broadcast, customer management, and data analysis, etc. It is the best option tool for Internet marketing.
  • Our Service
    Our Service
    To maximize marketing effect for our customers, we have set up “Global Practice School”, where enterprise customers of different levels are classified into “President Class”, “Practice Class” and “Member Club”, etc. The courses perfectly combine advanced marketing theory with practice and have received high recognition from customers, helping them grasp Internet marketing knowledge and expertise to contribute what they have learned in class to effective marketing.
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