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BYJ Low Smoke Free Halogen Wire XLPE Insulated Wire

BYJ Low Smoke Free Halogen Wire XLPE Insulated Wire

Product Detail
Standard:  JB/T 10491-2004
Brand:  FenJiang / Asian Port
Conductor Material:  OFC(copper content:99.99%)
Cores Number:  One core
Insulator Material:  XLPE
Specification:  0.5-400 mm²
Nominal Voltage:  300/500V 450/750V
Colors:  Red Yellow Yellow and Green Blue Green Black  


This cable is suitable for AC rated voltage U0 / U 450/750 and below the power plant, electric appliances, instrumentation and telecommunications equipment laying.
Be used in safety and environmental protection places. Such as high-rise buildings, railway stations, subways, airports, hospitals, large library, gym, villas, family homes, hotels, hospitals, office buildings, schools, shopping malls and other crowded places.

Cables Features

Halogen wire material does not contain any halogens and other toxic substances.In combustion, there is not a lot of smoke around wires. When a fire occurs, slow the spread, low smoke density, high visibility, harmful gas emissions small, easy evacuation. Less corrosive combustion gases, but also to avoid damage to the equipment, low-halogen, halogen-free, which makes the cable material is greatly enhanced in the anti-aging and resistance to ultraviolet light and other radiation performance, thereby extending the life of the cable.

LSZH cable refers to the halogen-free (F, Cl, Br, I, At), no lead cadmium, chromium and mercury and other environmental substances in plastic material and does not emit toxic fumes (such as during combustion: hydrogen halides, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, etc.), no secondary hazards, meet modern fire safety requirements of environmental protection wires. This wire has an outer diameter smaller than the full PVC insulated wire cross-section of the outer diameter of the same size, the construction can be reduced through the use of tube diameter, or wear more wires under the same diameter conditions, reduce the cost of construction and installation. In addition, the wire product weight than PVC insulated wire products are much lighter, easier installation and transportation, reduce labor intensity, reduce transportation costs

When cross-linked polyethylene insulated wire long-term maximum rated temperature up to 90℃, short (the longest duration of no more than 5S) up to a maximum temperature of conductor wires 250℃, carrying capacity greater than PVC insulated wire. Cable minimum working temperature of -15℃, the minimum bending diameter not less than the following: Single cable: 20D(mm); multi-core cable: 15D(mm) (D: Cable actual diameter).

The following 8 major characteristics of halogen cable:

(1) Tensile strength than PVC wire large: typically PVC wire tensile strength greater than 1.05Kgf / mm², and a tensile strength greater than Diyanwulu wire 1.2Kgf / mm²;
(2) has a good weather resistance (-30 ℃ ~ 105 ℃);
(3) having a non-metastatic (because this product formulations without the addition of plasticizers, it will not have a transitional character);
(4) does not produce toxic smoke when burned (generates a small amount of white smoke);
(5) has a higher volume resistivity: PVC wire is generally 1012 ~ 1015Ω / cm3, halogen wires than 1016Ω / cm3;
(6) has a good high voltage characteristics: PVC wire generally more resistant to 10KV, 15KV high wire above and halogen;

Depending on the performance of the wire, it can be divided into three models,ordinary halogen, flame retardant, fire.

modelsnameProduct Description
BYJXLPE Insulated WireBYJ: XLPE insulated wire  WD:LSZH      Z:Retardant N:Fireproof
WDN-BYJLSOH refractory XLPE Insulated Wire

Different models with different product features, but also some differences in the use of aspects.

BYJIt has excellent mechanical and physical properties and electrical properties, good resistance to environmental stress cracking resistance, excellent abrasion resistance than PVC and PE.Resistance to various chemical solvents, corrosive media around the relatively stable.AC rated voltage U0 / U 450/750 and below the power plant, electric appliances, instrumentation and telecommunications equipment laying.
WDZ-BYJCable with flame retardant, fire ignition delay only limited to a certain range. Also it has a low smoke emission and harmless, very little smoke when burned, non-corrosive gases escape.Suitable for cable flame, smoke density and toxic index places with special requirements.It widely used in nuclear power plants, subway station, telephone exchange and computer control center, building high-rise buildings, hotels, radio and television, important military facilities, oil platforms etc., as well as personnel more focused, low air density places. well as personnel more focused, low air density places.
WDN-BYJIn addition to the power transmission cable under normal operating conditions, while the fire combustion, the cable also can keep running for some time.When in fire, it still maintain the normal operation of the circuit such as industrial and civil construction of fire safety systems, emergency lighting systems, life support systems, alarm and monitoring circuits.


WDN-BYJ cable design, should be used for:

1. fire pumps, spray pumps, fire elevator power lines and control cables.
2. fire shutter doors, electric fire doors, exhaust system fan, exhaust valves, dampers power supply control circuit.
3. manual alarm line fire alarm systems, fire radio and telephone lines.
4. high-rise buildings and airports, subways,CCTV security line and other important facilities.
5. centralized power supply emergency lighting circuits, control and protection of power lines.
6. medium-sized substation important protection circuits and operate power lines.
7. computer monitoring circuit.

Description of fire-resistant wire and cable

Fire-resistant wire and cable refers to the specified test conditions, the flame combustion can be maintained within a certain period of time running cables.
1. according to GB / T19216-2003 "in electric cables under fire conditions - Circuit integrity" of standards, fire-resistant wire and cable must burn 90min at 750 ℃, 2A fuse is not blown.
2. fire-resistant wire and cable with high temperature organic firebreak for refractory layer. According to GB/T19666-2005, fire-resistant wire and cable wire and cable can be divided into fire retardant and non-flame resistant wire and cable. Fire retardant is added to the main wire and cable insulation or sheath flame retardant, it can meet the flame retardant characteristics. Non-fire retardant wire and cable insulation or jacket is not flame retardant, it does not have fire-retardant properties.
3. according to GB / T19666-2005 specified test conditions, retardant wire and cable is divided into A, B, C, D four grades.

Terrible consequences for the cables with low quality

Short Circuit
Electric Leakage
Huge Power Loss
Short Lifespan

5 methods, teach you to identify high quality wire

Packaged, printed clearly, model specification, complete name and address
After rubbing with your fingers, the appearance of insulator is still intact color and words.
After scraping with your fingernails, the appearance of insulator is still intact.
Repeatedly bending the insulated wire, the product is still soft and elastic, without cracks.
Measuring wire diameter and wire core diameter. The error is within + / - 10%

How to select safe high quality wire?

With national standards

DC resistance of the conductor is fully in line with national standards, with good conductivity, high security, 100 ± 0.5m length conforming to the requirements of the standard.

Quality Certificated

Cable is eligible for certification manufacturers of products to being affixed in a prominent certification mark, namely "CCC" logo and the quality supervision department inspection report.

Using environmentally friendly high-quality materials

Soft and flexible materials which will release a small amount of water vapor like translucent white smoke while forced combustion, but not affect the rescue.

Finest quality raw materials

Eligible products with good raw materials , production equipment, production technology, and strict control. Therefore,  the wires and cables are with smooth appearance and uniform color.

Four main advantages of Zhujiang Cable:


Choose China best quality copper

After ten years of careful selection, we have choosed China 's largest copper production base as our co - Jiangxi Copper Group, to ensure high-quality supply of raw materials from the source . Using 99.99% oxygen-free copper core , the products of the indicators are much better than the national standard. Less resistance, better conductive properties, lower heat, less carbon and more environmentally friendly

Independent research and product safer insulation main material      

Pearl River cable insulation material is with independent research, development and production. Introducing from abroad first automatic feeding system, from the polymerization , granulation, packaging integration airtight connection , to avoid cross- contamination and dust, also can minimize the energy consumption during production process and guarantee compliance rate products. During all the process, we are with the careful and serious attitude.


12 process repeated testing, high pressure and eccentricity

Every products are through 12 steps to repeatedlt tested. The factory after high pressure testing can ensure that each millimeter of wire is in line with factory standards, precise scientific production, even thickness of insulation layer and safe use of electricity.

The more stringent testing standards      

Zhujiang Cable has introduced advanced detection equipment, with international standards (GB / JB), the International Commission standard (IEC), setting up  Europe's demand compulsory certification (CE), the European Union environmental certification (RoHS) standards according to requirements of customers. Scientifically and professionally controlling of each detection step wins good reputation and trust from customers.


Products Details

Using Environmentally Friendly Materials

Today's production technology and equipment make the Pearl River cable products with higher quality, uniform thickness. Uneven thickness and the thinnest point of the insulating layer can easily be damaged, leading to leakage or breakdown occurs discharge ignition and accidents.


PASSED Label & Quality Assurance

During the production process,we use automated production and quality testing, to avoid the quality of instability caused by human factors. Each product must be gone through rigorous testing and strict quality control process, in order to provide users with quality cables.


Anti-counterfeit Label  &  AUTHENTIC GUARANTEE

Because of the Pearl River cable's high quality and hot selling, there are a number of fake and shoddy products on the market. In order to help customers purchase real products, we have tagged the Anti-counterfeit labels on them, providing government department telephone number, to ensure genuine products.


Enough Length, Clear Seal

Guangdong Pearl River cable is in strict accordance with national standards to produce, the standard length of 100 ± 0.5%. With performance standards, our company name, clear seal on the package of cable. All of these can help anti-counterfeit and ensure credibility.


High Quality Copper Core, Excellent Cable Performance

Pearl River has chosen the best 100% pure oxygen-free copper at home and abroad to manufacture, with low resistivity, good conductivity, safety and environmental protection.


Good Quality Insulator, Green and Safe

All our cables' insulators are with high standards fire-retardant materials. Compared with and general outer, our material is with extremely high flame resistance, corrosion resistance, low smoke concentration, and environmental safety.





Public Construction

Zhujiang cable provides you with high -quality green wire and cable , to ensure safe delivery of electricity at the same time, for you to create healthy and comfortable environment.Zhujiang Cable offers secure and reliable cable, to provide safe and adequate electricity to high-quality, modern, professional hotel for every customer.For numerous provinces' engineering cable projects, hospitals, schools, shopping malls, offices and other public buildings to provide safe and reliable power output, to ensure safe use of electricity in all areas.

Manufacturing Equipment


80 machines

All products are used worldwide advanced production equipment

High quality equipment makes high quality cables! The equipment level of Zhujiang Cable is much higher than the national level. Also, the importing equipment has reached the world's leading level.

Zhujiang Cable introduced advanced wire and cable manufacturing technology, world's leading cable manufacturing and test equipment, Germany importing wire drawing equipment, full-automatic cable wrapping equipment, automatic PVC granulation equipment, advanced production line of 35KV crosslinked cable and one-step silane crosslinked cable.


Double drawing machin


Automatic rolling packaging equipment

Products Test

Zhujiang Cable(Good) Poor Quality Cable (Bad)

No spread, releasing a small amount of water vapor like translucent white smoke
Spread rapidly, releasing a large number of black CuO  toxic smoke

Intact appearance
Appearance broken, copper core is exposed, easily leading to serious fires.

Intact appearance
Appearance broken, copper core is exposed, easily leading to electric leakage

Intact appearance
Appearance broken, copper core is exposed

No significant changes during the insulating layer with high corrosion resistance test
Insulating layer begins to break off, melt, and the copper core is exposed.



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